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Do you really know what is happening on your drill room floor?
Can you afford not to know? Everyone is aware of the fact that machine time is expensive. This is why it's critical that your process is fine tuned to squeeze out every last minute of production. But how do you know when you've made improvements, and how do you know what areas need improvement? That's where FASTechnologies reporting software comes in.

How it works
Most drilling machines produced in the last 15 years log machine activity. Our software uses this information to decide when a machine is running and when a machine is stopped, and the reason for the stoppage. This information is then analyzed, and presented in such a way that is easy to understand.

ShopView shows you what's happening on the production floor right now and offers a pocket pager system to alert your operators when machines stop.

What do these reports really tell me?
The FASTechnologies reporting software generates both utilization reports and error reports broken down by hour, day, week, and weekday. Furthermore, these reports can be fine tuned even further by specifying only certain machines, and filtering only on specific errors. Also included is both a condensed and a comprehensive job tracking analysis, which can be used to track which job was drilled where, when, and how long it took.

The utilization report broken down by hour for example, can tell you if the operators on third shift need more training, by analyzing the amount of time spent changing loads during that shift. The error report broken down by machine can tell you if there is a specific machine that is in need of repair. The information is presented in such a way that it is easy to spot "irregularities" in the process.

Still not convinced?
Take a look at some of the reports generated from actual customer data. These reports show you the powerful information available in the log files of your drilling machines. The FASTechnologies reporting software is just what you need to unleash this information, and use it to fine tune your process. For more information, contact FASTechnologies at +1-949-551-4135.

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