Eliminates paper tapes
The FASTechnologies BTR interface allows you to eliminate paper tapes, by using a PC to replace your SloSyn paper tape reader. With BTR, your drill or rout controller just loads its part programs directly from the PC.

Installs in minutes
BTR is simple and inexpensive because it needs no quirky, custom-made interface boards. Installing the BTR is easy: Just plug the supplied cable into your PC's printer port, plug the other end into your CNC's reader interface, and your BTR is "on the air," ready to load your CNC's operating system and part programs with no more paper tapes.

Works with DOS disks, DOS networks, DNC networks
Once you've plugged in the BTR cable, your CNC can load its part programs from any standard DOS diskettes. If you connect BTR's PC to an office network like Novell, Lantastic, or PC-NFS, your CNC can load files directly from your Ethernet, too. There's even a DNC 1.3 network interface to let you connect your BTR-equipped CNC to a DNC 1.3 fileserver, just like the newest controllers.

The BTR package consists of software and a special cable which enable a user-supplied PC to simulate a SloSyn paper tape reader, loading tape images of up to 160 kilobytes (equal to about 1/4 mile of paper tape), using the PC's standard parallel printer port. The supplied interface cable is equipped with a male DB-25 connector which mates to the reader interface connector in Excellon CNC-2, 4, and 6 controllers. If the user's CNC lacks the appropriate connector, an optional adapter with the SloSyn's standard 24-pin Amphenol connector is available.

Text editor
BTR includes a part-program text editor capable of editing files of up to 160 kilobytes in length. If desired, access to this editor may be disabled.

Patch editor
BTR includes an editor capable of modifying the system parameters located at the end of some CNC systems programs. This capability is used by service personnel for modifying the CNC system's leadscrew compensation tables and related parameters.

Tape reader
BTR includes the software capability of using the customer's SloSyn tape reader to transfer data files from punched tape to MS-DOS disk files. In order to use this function, the user must purchase (or construct) a reader interface cable. Schematic diagrams for the optional reader cables are included in the BTR system documentation.

DNC 1.3 interface
BTR includes the software capability of interfacing a DNC fileserver using the Excellon DNC 1.3 network protocol. This allows part program files on the DNC server to be downloaded to the CNC.

Ordering information

Optional Amphenol adapter
Optional Tape Reader cable for CNC-2, 4, or 6
ClickDrill Option


System requirements
A PC compatible computer with an 80286-12Mhz or faster CPU, running MS-DOS 3.0 or greater, with 640K RAM, one megabyte of available hard disk space, and any CRT display. (The ClickDrill option requires a minimum of 4Meg RAM, a VGA or SVGA color display, a mouse with installed software driver, and ten megabytes of available hard disk drive space).

Note: BTR is incompatible with memory-resident programs and drivers, as well as operating systems running in multitasking mode. Network interface boards to be used with BTR must be configured to hardware interrupt number eight or higher.

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